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Victoria went to nursing school in Pensacola, FL and after graduating moved back home to NC. There she worked on a surgical/orthopedic hospital unit for two years. In 2017, she moved to Kenya, Africa to live and work as a community health nurse among a remote tribe called the Samburu. Her experience there taught her many invaluable and life-changing things. After returning to the States she lived in Nashville where she worked with international and college students. She married her husband in September 2020, and joined him here in Washington where they are now happy to call Vancouver home. In her free time,  she enjoys running, biking, hiking, CrossFit, and hanging out with friends and family. Her and her husband are excited to explore more of the PNW together. 

Victoria is so honored to be part of a practice who values patients and deeply cares about their well-being in every area of life. She looks forward to continued growth as a nurse here at Main Street and looks forward to getting to know our patients better.

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