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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new type of membership practice in which the patient has a close relationship with their physician. That is why our initial get-acquainted visits are up to an hour long, and follow-up visits are up to 30-60 minutes.

You will enjoy exceptional access not only through office visits, but also via texts, phone, email, or even video. The focus is on having a strong relationship between physician and patient. We carefully limit the number of patients assigned to each physician to make sure that we can be available when you need us and spend the time necessary to provide you with personal care. In traditional practices, each physician may be assigned as many as 2500-3000 patients. At Main Street Family Medicine, we prefer to limit our practice to about a third of that number. This means your physician will know you personally and be able to work with you to tailor your care to what you need as a unique individual.

As a member of Main Street Family Medicine, here are a few of the advantages you'll enjoy

Personalized care tailored to your comfort level.

A team of providers who know your story inside and out.

Same-day or next-day scheduling on regular business days with little to no waits and extended visits of an hour or more, if you'd like.

Quality time with your provider; ask all the questions you want-we actually want you to!

An after hours phone number that gets a quick response. That's what we call around-the-clock service.

Inexpensive and direct service. We work directly with you instead of hassling with insurance.

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